Welcome to the official Blog of Clear View Systems Ltd., the most popular independent business sidebar cvsapplication for Money Exchange.

Whether you have small money exchange kiosk in an airport, or have a multi-branch MSB (Money Service Business), CurrencyXchanger can help you fully automate every aspect of your daily operation. CurrencyXchanger offers multi-currency POS, CRM, AML record keeping, and integrated accounting for small to mid-size foreign currency retailers and wholesalers.

CurrencyXchanger is a software for automating your
Foreign Exchange business (Bureau De Change). As an
MSB (Money Service Business), you should run a system
that can help you stay on top of the game.
CurrencyXchanger is the most advanced multi-currency
Point of Sale (POS) software, used by hundreds of forex
professionals in 20 countries around the globe.
If you own or manage a foreign exchange company, you
know that managing such an operation is a very
challenging task, especially when it comes to accounting
and operation control.
Within days of installing our product, you and your staff will
experience higher productivity and sales volume.

CurrencyXchanger is a perfect solution for the following businesses:

  • Money Services Bureaus (MSB), Bureau de Change (BDC), Cambios, Forex Retailers
  • Travel Agencies offering financial services (e.g. American Express)
  • Money changers, Forex traders and wholesalers of currency
  • Currency Exchange kiosk and outlets in airports and shopping centers
  • Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions, holding companies, etc…)
  • Hotels, casinos, tourist shops, cruise ships, resorts, and outlets
  • Dealers of precious metals