The last currency exchange in a provincial travel centre was in the Sault — now it’s gone

“As a ‘remote’ location our operational costs in Sault Ste. Marie were inflated, the trading was very seasonal (and unidimensional), and it was also subject to yearly travel cycles,” Roberge wrote.

With the Sault Ste. Marie location pulling out, Devereaux said OTMPC saw an opportunity to return currency exchanges to five locations and the plan is to put out a request for bids in the summer of 2017 with service to begin operating in the fall.

Devereaux said they had interest from some service providers however everything is going through a formal procurement process.

OTMPC said the Sault’s Travel Information Centre had 123,161 visitors from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 while Ontario’s 11 centres welcomed one million visitors combined in that time period.

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